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"Thank you for providing us with such a gorgeous reminder of Tora’s time at kinder".

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frequently asked questions

How long will the photographers spend with the children?

We usually use the longest session for 4 year old groups, and two sessions for 3 year old groups to ensure we get lots of gorgeous variety and really capture the children's time at kinder.

Will we be able to continue with our normal routine?

Our photographers aim to work around your program as much as possible, time permitting. Prior to photo day we will talk with your team to co-ordinate our sessions.

What administration are we responsible for?

Prior to photo day we will ask you for a class list for each group. We will also provide parent information forms via email which need to be sent out to parents for them to register their details online. After that, we take over all parent correspondence and administration. Your only job will be to check and amend the children's names on each group shot when we send them through to you after photo day. It couldn't be more simple.

Do staff receive a group shot?

We provide complimentary copies of group shots for all staff members and an extra copy for the wall.