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"The photos are fantastic, not at all what I was expecting from kinder photos".

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how it works

We strive to make sure your child will enjoy being photographed by our gentle, fun and professional photographers. Prior to photo day, we will send you information outlining the day your child will be photographed and give you an opportunity to let us know about any favourite activities your child might have. In most of our kinders, we also set aside times before or after the session for you to bring your older or younger children in for some quick, fun sibling shots if you would like to.

We will provide you with all of the information you need to view and order your photos online and will deliver them directly back to the kindergarten for collection.

We love hearing from parents 'oh you have just captured him/her so perfectly!' It makes us smile and we know we've done our job well if you open up your child's online gallery and just love the images you see.